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Adopt a Running School

Together we have impacted the lives of over 47,000 vulnerable children by tackling the root causes of poverty. A safe, sound school structure is the first step to providing students with a brighter future.

Our vision is that every child in Pakistan should attend school. GET is on a mission to make this possible by acquiring and building schools in rural areas where there is no school within walking distance to the local communities. This is a large factor why parents choose to keep their children at home, safe from harm but without the gift of knowledge. 

Read! In the Name of your Lord Who has created (all that exists)

al-‘Alaq 96:1-5

Adopt a school campaign, we ensure that all schools are a safe learning environment, where teachers are supported and all the resources available for the children. We rigorously monitor the curriculum and performance of all the children. 

Your donations are used wherever most needed, from bricks and mortar to books and management. The needs of the school are dependent on the location, but all funds raised are used on the upkeep and running costs of the school. The buildings are regularly monitored and provided with washrooms, whiteboards and furniture. 

This is to ensure we are able to keep a high standard of the school running and to support the local community by providing employment opportunities.

Together, we will reach out goal of having a 100% literate Pakistan. 

Sadaqah Jariyah of this nature benefits both, the one receiving and the one giving, with ongoing spiritual reward in this life and the next.

Get college:

Together we transform lives. Our educational programmes at GPC are shaping the future of Pakistan. This project facilitates a quality higher education free of cost for children that show academic intelligence, but more than often do not have the luxury of pursuing education due to the financial pressures on the families. 

Our focus is on helping the most vulnerable children overcome poverty and experience the fullness of life. We help children of all backgrounds and despite their financial backgrounds and prepare them with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive. Providing these children with higher education gives them a greater employment opportunity and inspire others within their communities to follow.

Your support empowers these academically bright children with the opportunity to attend college and become a strong pillar of their society. 


Adopt A School

We ensure that all schools are a safe learning environment, where teachers are supported and all the resources available for the children

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